Hey! ๐Ÿ‘‹

I’m Scott, I’m a PhD candidate in engineering at the University of Cambridge researching machine learning and its applications for mitigating planet-cooking.

I’m part of Jonathan Cullen’s group - the Resource Efficiency Collective - where I look at ways of controlling complex systems for improved energy efficiency. This involves building Reinforcement Learning agents that learn to control buildings and industrial processes efficiently, and to draw power from the grid at optimal times - techniques often called demand response.

I’m interested in an agentโ€™s ability to take actions that seem strange to us at first, but later provide us a better understanding of the system than we could have achieved alone (e.g. AlphaGoโ€™s move 37). I reckon these agents can teach us stuff we don’t yet understand about the systems that proliferate greenhouse gas emissions.

For more info on me, check out my CV in the menu at the top of this page or have a look at my Talks or Posts.

At the moment my Projects page links directly to my GitHub, I’m hoping to update that soon with some written descriptions of past work.

Thanks a lot for checking out my page.